Colonia Roma

Colonia Roma

I picked up Valeria Luiselli’s ‘Sidewalks’ before my trip to Mexico City. I could not read it on my trip.

I stayed in Colonia Roma part of D.F. I walked on Frontera, took a turn into Calle Chihuahua, then traced my steps back, walked on Zacatecas and reached my friends house.

I pronounced each of these streets in my mind. The Spanish names left a very strong after taste, in the imaginary tongue. I remember noting how nice the Sidewalks in Mexico city were.

I am back in San Francisco now and am reading the book. Valeria talks about Colonia Roma, she mentions Zactecas, Frontera, and Calle Chihuahua. I feel connected to the author. For a minute, I wonder what if I was in the same bar or cafe as her when I was in Mexico City. It would be a huge cosmic accident. Back then I had no way of recognizing her. So I tell my mind to believe that we were in the same cafe at the same time. We were.