15 Feb 2015, 09:02

The Pixar touch.

The Pixar Touch is a well written, easy to read book. It traces the story of Pixar over 20 years. Some interesting things I learnt:

  • Employees who spend 8-12 years in the company did not make much in the IPO. Steve Jobs’ share in the company was 80%. He took back Pixar employees RSU’s and gave them new options forcing them to stay on for 4 more years. This means some employees worked 12 years but got options worth four years. Steve Jobs was mean.
  • George Lucas was a generous investor. He gave people at Pixar around two years to find a buyer when it was a loss making operation.
  • Pixar hired a lot of talent at the top level after it became famous. I wonder what the older employees thought of this.
  • Pixar sells the industry standard in animation software called RenderMan.
  • The founders were a patient bunch. They were in it for the long run - opposite of a serial entrepreneur.

The Pixar Touch

09 Feb 2015, 01:09

Fortress of solitude

I just finished reading Fortress Of Solitude.

It is growing up story of white kid - Dylan up in a gentrifying neighborhood of Brooklyn. I picked up this book as I liked Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and felt the books similar in themes. The author deals with a lot of social issues in a matter of factly way. This book has references to graffiti, music, comic books. There is a weird part with a ring with superpowers. I think the book would have been much better without it.

Fortress of solitude

Overall it is a decent book, not a modern classic, a little long, a little too American in outlook.