RootConf 2015

I attended RootConf 2015 in Bangalore. A big shout out to HasGeek for putting together a good conference. I gave a talk on Rewriting there.

I got a nice Introduction to SaltStack by Mike Place. Salt Stack looks like a cleaner better Chef/Puppet. A few Engineers I trust love it. Anand Chitipothu presented a biased comparison of how Postgres is better than MySQL. He mostly compared MySQL 5.5 with MyISAM. MySQL 5.6+ with InnoDB (the default option now) addresses majority of the issues pointed out in the talk. I loved the HTTP2 Primer by Cyrus Dasadia. It was simple introduction to the new standard.

I hosted a Database BoF with Anand. The discussion quickly split off into MySQL and the rest. A gentleman spoke about interesting problem of arranging data on to various storage layers according to access patterns in SAP HANA. Some one gave a good introduction to AerospikeDB. The MySQL group was mostly discussed HA strategies. MySQL looked like the main database of choice of people in the Bangalore tech scene. I did not find any serious deployments of non MySQL databases there. This was my first time hand holding a session, I liked it and for a moment considered a career as a Tech-Host.

Few women attended the conference. I guess “Women in Tech” is not an issue the Bangalore scene is talking about yet.

I met a few cool startups, a few users of and a few old friends. I was happy to be part of RootConf.