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Coffee shop

A bright but colorless coffee shop opens in your neighborhood. They have croissants, bagels and Gibraltar coffee. La Luz (a Spanish American band) plays in the background. You don’t recognize La Luz.

You think the shop is out of place. You wonder who are these folks at this coffee shop. Their colorless black rain jackets complement the white pale decor. They blend in.

The coffee shop acts as if they are a local institution. You scoff when the people tell their friends that they have been coming here forever. This place was here before they moved in nearby. The coffee shop is ancient — at least in their minds.

You feel foolish. You did the same thing as the “yuppies” at “your local coffee shop” four years ago.

(Thoughts from I went to newly opened Hearth coffee shop in Castro and laughed at the solidarity I felt towards Linea cafe in Mission, SF).

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