52 Weeks of Cooking

I am participating in Reddits’ 52 week cooking challenge this year. Here are the dishes I made.

Each week the mods declare an ingredient, technique, cuisine, or inspiration. My challenge is to cook a dish in that theme.

Week 2: Miso

I made Chicken glazed with Miso or Lost in Translation chicken The recipe was from the cookbook From the Oven to the Table. The previous week, I ran into a Japanese grocery store called Midoriya near Union Square in NYC. So it was very easy to grab some red Miso from there.

Lost in Translation chicken

Week 3: Russian

I wanted to make Blinis, but I did not have enough time. So I made some Borscht. Borscht is generous dish, there is a lot of room to improvise. I almost put curry powder in it, but didn’t. I am going to have the Broscht at Veselka the Ukaranian restaurant in the East village to compare mine.

Dr Zhivago's Borscht

Week 4: January 22nd - January 28th: 24 Hours

Skipped this on account of traveling to SF that week for work.

Week 5: January 29th - February 4th: Rice

I made the classic south Indian curd rice called Dadojanam. I did not add mustard seeds and instead loaded up on the cumin, which made this dish very bitter. Also Sushi rice is not the best rice to make this dish with. It was generally a fail.


Week 6: February 5th - February 11th: Jamaican

I was short on time, so I slopped some Jamaican sauce onto some chicken and roasted it. It was acceptable. Since I have found a few recipes for making Jamaican style beans, which I will try when I have time.

Week 7: February 12th - February 18th: Braising

Braised means something that is pan fried and then boiled in liquid. So I made Coq au vin or the French Chicken in wine from the 2019 edition of Joy of Cooking. I took a photo of the recipe when browsing the book at the Strand bookstore in downtown NYC.

The dish turned out to be really yum. I did not have All purpose flower on hand so I added bread crumbs which worked really well.

Slightly hacked Coq au vin

Week 8: February 18 - February 25th: Things I did not like

I did not like brinjal (eggplant) as a kid. So I made baigan-bharta or mashed eggplant curry. It turned out quite yummy. I finished the whole pot with some great Greek yoghurt.

Baigan Bharta